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With a team representing nearly 60 years experience in the cleaning, deodorizing, mold remediation, and disinfection application industries, ENVIROTIZE® SOLUTIONS has the knowledge and resources to be able to find and deliver the highest possible quality products in each category, and the best training in the industry.

Furthermore, we are absolutely committed to bringing it all to you at a price that ‘shares the wealth’. We’re in this to help you build your business, live the American Dream and give back generously to your community. Don’t fall for the BIG BRANDS that are bent on killing competition, and monopolizing markets; instead, join the team that is TRUE BLUE and practices the GOLDEN RULE.

Are Airborne Allergens Plaguing Your Family?

It is estimated that 30% of adults, and 40% of children are subject to the natural immunological responses triggered by microscopic particles all around us. We refer to these individuals as “allergy sufferers“.

Almost exclusively, the airborne particles which cause such grief are organic in nature – bacteria, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, mildew and other odors and fragrances that cause red eyes, runny noses, coughing fits and sneezing.

Our Clean Air Cure is based upon a miracle molecule – chlorine dioxide, which is extremely small, seeking out and oxidizing these offenders before they can attack.

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ENVIROTIZE® SOLUTIONS is committed to supporting and equipping small, local businesses with supplies, training and marketing tools to compete with the largest competitors in their marketplace through superior product, excellent service and fair prices.

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