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Homeowner & Small Business

Eliminate Foul Odors –

Immediately & Permanently

Harnessing the power of a miraculous molecule, we have created a simple kit that may be used in any space of up to 100 cubic feet to eliminate odors quickly and easily in just a matter of hours.

Suitable for use in homes, apartments, automobiles, campers, boats and RV’s, this kit contains everything necessary to denature odor and allergen particles in the air naturally.

Each Envirotizer Odor Terminator kit contains a professional-grade odor-eliminating tablet that must be handled with care, and should always be kept our of reach of children.

With this kit, you can be virtually guaranteed of eliminating just about any odor from any space: musty basements, smelly laundry rooms, teenager’s bedrooms, or a hockey mom’s car.

Eliminate Odors –

While Achieving a Deep Clean

Think about it.

When you use traditional cleaning products, ones that leave a sweet fragrance behind, have you ever asked yourself, “If it is leaving a fragrance behind, is it also leaving dirt and detergent behind?”.

We go about surface cleaning with a slightly different rule – “Remove the problem and you remove the odor”.

Our Envirotab Home Care Kit contains 24 tablets, each about the size of an aspirin tablet, that can be dissolved in 16-32oz of water to create a cleaner and deodorizer that really works to eliminate odors while you clean. With nearly 20 different and unique applications, and a cost per bottle of about a buck, no home should be without it.

Maintain Clean Fresh Air –

Each & Every Day

We have developed a broad assortment of products that can be deployed in any space to eliminate odors – not just mask them. These products, in gel or granule form, are perfect for everything from gym bags to fitness gyms.

Our gel product comes with an adjustable cap to control the flow of odor-neutralizing ClO2 for just the right space. Our granules can be used in a vast array of spaces and fit conveniently in a mountable cabinet.

Contract Cleaners & Odor Professionals

For Professionals Only –

A Whole House Deodorizing Solution

100 grams

When the spaces and level of odor approaches what seems impossible, we deliver the possible.

No need to work with messy and hazardous packets of powder, or dozens of 20g kits.

With our powerful 100 gram tablets and just 2 quarts of water per tablet you can make odor destroying stations for up to 750 cubic feet of space, but this job is for trained pros.

Setting up the space, the deodorizing stations and the directed airflow to filter, exchange and treat all of the air space is simply a matter of following proper protocol.

Eliminate Odors –

Time to Get Serious

Be Ready on the Fly….

Sometimes you have to think fast and cover a great deal of ground with what you have on hand. The best way is to always carry a pail of 20g tablets. In a pinch, with a pail of 40 tablets and 40 water cups you can cover 8,000 sf in a jiffy!

Envirotab 20g Tablets are certainly one of our most versatile products for creating solutions of just about any strength, anywhere. Simply keep a bookmark to our Envirotize Calculator Page and you will find that a single 20 gram tablet can create 5 gallons of sanitizer, 5 quarts of high grade disinfectant, and deodorize a great deal of space.

Maintain Clean Fresh Air –

Each & Every Day

No Better Odor-Killing Cleaner!

Without a doubt the majority of cleaning products have no capacity to deal with real odors. They are great at adding fragrances and smelling pretty, but not at eliminating odor at its source – the organic matter that feeds bacteria and decomposes to create STINK!

Envirotab HSC is completely different.

Envirotab HSC breaks down protein that is binding your soils to the surfaces so that microfiber cleaning cloths can work at their peak efficiency. Furthermore, the gas that kills the odor while cleaning dissipates quickly to leave only a fresh, clean smell.

Soil Break for Chlorine Dioxide –

Nature’s Protein Breaker into a Detergent

When the space you’re deodorizing must be deep cleaned first…when the build-up of tar or nicotine is seemingly everywhere, try a combination of aqueous ClO2 and Synergy Soil Break.

The ratios are simple:

  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 tablet to suit the job (1g or 4g)
  • 1 oz of Soil Break.

Dissolve the tablet, add the detergent.

When Synergy Soil Break is added to a pre-mixed solution made with an Envirotab tablet, you will create a solution that has a neutral pH, a powerful cleaning agent, and great deodorizing power.

Simply spray it onto any hard or soft surface (check for colorfastness) allow to set and blot, rinse or extract.

Forget Trigger Bottles –

Go PRO with your Portable Spraying

Don’t Trigger Carpal Tunnel….

Among the top three reasons for workplace stress injuries is the repetitive use of trigger sprayers.

Using a pump sprayer, which has significantly greater durability, far higher spray efficiency, and the potential for creating a clinging foam, is just a smarter move.

Pump Sprayer-Foamers from EnvirotizeSolutions will work with any of our Synergy SB Concentrates:

  • 1 Liter of Water + 1oz of Synergy SB Glass will outperform aerosol glass cleaners for just a fraction of the cost.
  • 1 Liter of Water + 1oz of Synergy SB BioClean Plus will create a great foaming kitchen cleaning product.

Synergy SB Consume Concentrate –

Enzymes to Eliminate Organic Waste

Billions of Enzymes in a Bottle!

Especially when you are trying to raise kids or house-train new pets. For this type of soil we highly recommend using Synergy SB Consume.

Each bottle contains approximately 2 billion benevolent bacteria and digestive enzymes that seek out, find and eat organic soils like drink spills, pet urine and ground in food crumbs.

Synergy SB Consume is designed for the Small Business that needs to be ready-to-work at a moment’s notice. The Squeeze Bottles ensure that you get an accurate measurement for diluting your concentrate on the go, and at any location.

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